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About Us

About this website 

The FishSAFE web site has been developed by FLTC Services Limited ("FLTCS") to promote fishermen's awareness of offshore surface and subsea structures within the UK Continental Shelf.

FLTCS was formed to promote or supply information systems and devices which enhance safety in connection with oil and gas infrastructure in UK Waters. The parent company of FLTCS was formed by Oil and Gas UK, the Scottish Fishermen's Federation and the National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations.

The site is managed by Kingfisher Information Services a division of The Sea Fish Industry Authority.

Shell U.K. Limited have made a major contribution to the cost of developing this site and FLTCS wish to record their thanks to Shell for their invaluable support.

The photograph on the home page was supplied for use on this website courtesy of Mr Phil Stephen. It shows the "Ocean Harvest" towing past the Beryl Alpha Platform 168 miles N.E. of Peterhead.