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Kingfisher Yellow Card

Kingfisher Yellow Card

Listing of Suspended Wells

After initial drilling, a well may be temporarily suspended if an operator intends to carry out further operations at a later date. In this event a guide base is left on the seabed to facilitate re-entry if required (as seen in the image on the right).

The structure left in place resembles an inverted table with legs approximately 4 metres high. A central pipe about 20 inches in diameter normally projects about 4 - 5 metres from the seabed.

Notices of detailing new and abandoned suspended wellheads, as well as positional changes are published in the Kingfisher Fortnightly Bulletin and also on this website.

  Suspended Well
    Diagram of suspended wellhead
Yellow Card  

In January and July of each year a full list of current suspended wellheads and latest abandonments are published on the Kingfisher Yellow Card. This publication is available as a hard copy / via email  or can be viewed by following the link above.

A complete list of all suspended wellheads are also updated twice a year as part of the fishing plotter files produced by Kingfisher. The latest issue can be downloaded from the www.FishSAFE.eu, or by contacting Kingfisher through the Contact Us page.

Kingfisher Yellow Card