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FishSAFE Unit


Product Information

For 10 years the original FishSAFE unit has been protecting fishing boat skippers in the North Sea, warning them of approaching hazards and clearly displaying where surface and subsea structures are located. The new and much improved FishSAFE unit is now available for supply.

With many components of the original FishSAFE now becoming obsolete, FLTC Services Limited have successfully trialled and tested the new FishSAFE unit.

Featuring state-of-the-art technology, a large 12" sunlight viewable colour LCD and a completely new, slimline, waterproof housing, many aspects of the original FishSAFE unit have been  carefully analysed and improved.

  FishSafe Unit

 New FishSAFE Unit Available Now

Key FishSAFE Elements

Powered by Jeppesen (C-Map) technology, supporting the latest KIS 3.0 database the FishSAFE unit works by comparing the boat's GPS position to a comprehensive database of oil and gas related surface and subsea structures in UK waters. 

As soon as a hazard is detected, visual and audible alarms are triggered, ensuring a skipper has plenty of time to avoid the hazard.

With three levels of on-screen visual alarms (traffic lights) and a 102dB audible alarm that sounds when a hazard area or safety zone is approached, FishSAFE is on constant watch for surface and subsea hazards.

FishSAFE has received significant funding from the European Fisheries Fund and the Scottish Ministers.

The new FishSAFE unit is available from FLTC Services Limited, 24 Rubislaw Terrace, Aberdeen, AB10 1XE or telephone +44(0)1224 646944.

For further information, please submit your enquiry here.