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Notice to Fishermen - Snagging Hazard (NEW)   [Area Two]

First Published: 16 September 2016   Last Updated: 16 September 2016 15:36

Please note the obstruction below which may represent a danger to fishing activities. Please mark this position on your fishing plotter and exercise caution in the area.

  Hazard Type
  Size - Dimensions (Metres - Length, Width, Height)
3m x 3m
  Position a)
56°50.662'N  02°10.008'E
  Oil/Gas Field Name

As part of the Kessog 30/01c-09 well abandonment plans, the disconnected SSXT and wellhead are to be left in place until approx. summer 2017.

The SSXT was disconnected and left approx. 20 metres from the wellhead, it is has dimensions of 3m x 3m.

For further information, please contact: Nick Strachan, BP Exploration, +44(0)1224 955089, nick.strachan@uk.bp.com