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Offshore Moorings

Offshore mooring buoys are commonly used on the UK Continental Shelf. A Single Point Mooring buoy (SPM) as seen on the right, is used by a shuttle tanker to secure to during loading/unloading operations. The buoy is attached to the subsea facility by flexible risers and is held in place by anchors and should be given a wide berth at all times.

The images below show different mooring facilities used by FPSO's. This is a turret system which is hauled directly up into the hull of the vessel. Transfer of cargo takes place by shuttle tankers attached to the FPSO.



Tanker offloading from Single Point Mooring buoy
FPSO Turret Mooring      Mooring/offloading
Vessel seen moored using turret system       Moored FPSO offloading to shuttle tanker