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Surface Safety Zones

Surface Safety Zones

Offshore operators are keen to get the message across to fishermen working in and around offshore installations that safety zones are present for the protection of all parties and they must not be entered at anytime during fishing operations. 

Surface structures such as oil platforms, drilling rigs, storage tankers and their loading buoys are automatically protected by a 500 metre safety zone measured from the perimeter of each structure. Extreme caution should be taken when fishing around floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels, as their associated anchors extend well beyond their 500 metre safety zones.

FPSO Anasuria SM   N Cormorant

FPSO Anasuria

  North Cormorant Platform

The symbol below is used to show a 500 metre safety zone for a floating production storage and offloading facility (FPSO)on admiralty charts. When attached to an FPSO (above) there may be anchors extending well beyond the 500m safety zone and the symbol will show an extra circle around the original.

FPSO symbol on Admiralty charts
(with additional circle indicating
extending chains and anchors)


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